Plan & Progress Update

Pilot Flying J is fully cooperating with the federal investigation. Below outlines our plan and the progress we have been making to address the issues raised by the investigation.

  • Audits of Customer Accounts

    We have virtually completed our internal audit of all manual rebates. The first week of July, checks were sent out with interest to those companies Pilot Flying J was able to determine at this time might have experienced any type of discrepancy.

    We are now in the process of auditing every single account that currently receives a discount or rebate check. This process will take until approximately September 30. 

    In addition, we are in the process of putting all contracts in writing.

  • Rebuilding Our Integrity and Restoring Customer Confidence

    We are addressing any actions and words that fail to show proper respect to our customers and that violate the character, values and principles that have been core to this company since it was founded 54 years ago.

  • Elimination of Manual Rebates

    As of June 30, Pilot Flying J will no longer offer manual rebates.

  • Development of Compliance Professional Position

    We are in the process of visiting public and private companies who are known to have excellent compliance programs. We will rely heavily on their counsel to help us institute our corporate compliance program. This program will report to the Chief Legal Counsel of the company. We will keep everyone posted on our progress in developing the Compliance Professional position.

  • Appointment of Independent Special Investigator

    On May 1st, Pilot Flying J appointed Reid Weingarten to serve as Independent Special Investigator to conduct a thorough and independent investigation into alleged improprieties of our rebate and discount programs.